Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spa Baskets

Just looking at this Basket is relaxing!!! Send a beautiful Spa Basket to somebody who can really use some relaxation.  Whether its a new mom, your old grandma or just a friend, it will be greatly appreciated.  Relaxing is something that a hard working mother needs to do.  It's always nice to recieve something like this.  This is a full description of whats enclosed:
This reusable shower caddy lined with a Relax terry towel holds an array of spa session essentials and gourmet goodies to complete the mood. We`ve included lotions and soaps, a terry bath pillow, along with some gourmet sweets, a chocolate gift box, and green tea. Guaranteed to make the recipient feel great upon the gift basket`s arrival and to let the good feeling of a spa session linger on.

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